More Mist from Colour to Black and White

On the same day I took the photo’s of the Damwall in the Mist, we went down to Schoemansville Oewerclub.  It was still misty and it was lovely to see the dam covered in mist.  We couldn’t even see the Magaliesberg Mountain.

I decided to showcase some of the photo’s in colour and converted them to Black and White as well just to see what it would look like mostly because I wanted to post them as a Black and White Sunday entry that Paula from Lost in Translation always hosts, but unfortunately Paula has a hectic work schedule combined with an illness that doesn’t want to let go.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery Paula and I hope you get enough rest and hope to see you soon.  Know you are missed. :D
Smiley with flower basket photo 03010523_zps198b9d04.gifI’ve changed the viewing to a gallery version (tiled mosaic) of all the photo’s as requested by Arkenaten and for those that do prefer viewing them this way.  :) Click on a photo to start the slideshow:

Note:  I am never sure if viewers prefer me showcasing a lot of photo’s as a Gallery version or one by one, as I prefer seeing photo’s in full size and don’t like clicking on them to view them in full size and then I have to ‘go back’ to the original page again.  I also don’t mind the Gallery version and viewing them as slideshows on other photo blogs.  What I don’t like about the Gallery is that it doesn’t show the photo in full size.  The size of my photo’s are 1200 x 900 and the Gallery option changes the photo size to 1000 x 752, but I do understand that some of you have your own preferences, so please let me know in the comments and thanks. :D

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 Enjoy the rest of the weekend and be safe! 

♥ Big Hugs ♥