One of these days …

The little Vervets are growing up so quickly.  One of these days they will be running around with their older brothers and sisters. :D

DSCF2205Looking at me with those beautiful, big and innocent eyes.

DSCF2209The most amazing little beings. :D

DSCF2211Sometimes they even become ‘shy’ and hide their little faces in mommy’s fur.  Lately it became a game of ‘hide-and-seek’ between us. :lol:

DSCF2223DSCF2229DSCF2231DSCF2236Youngest son brought a box of ‘Fruiti O’s’ from work one day for Tweety, our Congo African Grey and even though it doesn’t have much nutritional value, it does contain some vitamins and I started giving it to the Vervets as well as an extra treat, with their peanuts. 

This morning I saw Gremlin’s little one ‘eyeing’ it out …

DSCF2243and decided it was time to start on ‘solid food’. :D

DSCF2244I wasn’t worried either that he would swallow it or that it would get stuck in his throat, as it becomes soft in your mouth after a while, and Gremlin was watching him …

DSCF2246DSCF2247DSCF2248DSCF2249DSCF2250DSCF2251It was fun watching him enjoying this yummy treat. :D

DSCF2254DSCF2255DSCF2256DSCF2257* Where are those teeth when you need them? *  :lol:

DSCF2258DSCF2259DSCF2260Until mom decided he had enough …

DSCF2264It was licked out of his little mouth very tenderly and he was a such a good baby.  Didn’t even throw a tantrum. :D


I even had time and energy to edit some to Black and White.


This one is my favourite and I played around with some selective colouring. :D

blkcurve paw

We missed you, Simba


Between the Orples, Simba, the Vervets and my household chores I can’t keep up. I’ll have to clone myself or get a twin somewhere. LOL!
Simba had so much fun with the Orples. :D
Thanks Marcy and the Orples. You’re awesome and made my day! ♥

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Ever since Olivia and Oscar saw Sophia’s dog, they haven’t left me alone. So we’ve circled back to Africa just so the orples can visit her cute little companion. It looks like Simba likes to have his ears scratched.

Have you ever seen a spoiled dog? Well now you have, I'm sure.

Have you ever seen a spoiled dog? Well now you have, I’m sure.

It seems the orples always leave us hanging in the end to entertain ourselves. We may as well visit the neighborhood and see who else is up to what, while we wait for these two to play with Simba.

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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge : Abandoned

Meet Elvis …


He had another name, but because he is so vocal, especially when he is hungry, I renamed him.


Elvis doesn’t have a home …


Doc, our landlord’s cat, sometimes shares his food with him.  Doc was also abandoned by a previous tenant that lived next door, and our landlord took him in.  He also gives a pack of food every week for Doc, as he travels a lot and Doc quickly learned where to come and get his food, water and love.


Doc comes and look for this food every morning and showed Elvis this is the ‘local feeding and petting spot’. 


Elvis also want to thank our lovely neighbours that lives behind us, for giving him a bag of catfood and sends them lots of pawkisses.  <3


Waiting for a rub and scratch behind the ear, while purring loudly. 


I found some ticks on him and sprayed him with Frontline and he wasn’t very happy about it.

DSCF2127Still sulking, but listening to me while I explained to him that there are no ticks or fleas allowed in this yard.  Simba and I are very adamant about it.  So if he wants to come and get his food here, he will have to adhere to the rules.   Doc gets the same treatment and he is happy with it.


Still not quite happy, but after a bowl of skimmed milk, he was satisfied and purred for me.


For now, this is all we can do for Elvis and I hope we can find a ‘forever’ home for him.  A home where he will be well taken care of and loved to bits.

I wish some people would realise that, when you take a pet into your home, whether it’s a cat, dog, fish, parrot, etc., you are taking on a responsibility towards that pet.  Just because they are ‘animals’, doesn’t mean that they don’t have feelings.  Each one of them have their own personality and they do love you unconditionally.  Please do not take in a pet if you can’t afford to look after it.  They are like little children and need to be taken care of.

Here’s a last word for the people who think “cats that run away” is a reasonable solution: It’s not. You’re just making your own irresponsibility someone else’s problem. Put on your big-boy or big-girl pants and start looking for real solutions and accept your responsibilities!

Grow the hell up and do the right thing!


Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Roundup and start of new week (63)



Blogging 101: Be Inspired By the Community


Marcy and the Orples are at it again and we are always thrilled when they visit.
It’s a blessing to know you and the Orples, Marcy and your artwork is out of this world! Thanks for the lovely visit. :D
♥ Big Hugs and Love ♥ to you and the Orples.

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First off let us say this, I already feel blessed to be a part of a spectacular community that is quickly growing, as the orples and I keep stumbling on new blogs, and wonderful people. As we travel through cyberspace, we find ourselves exploring the world, tromping through the wilderness, visiting our neighbor’s domains.  Sometimes, I find it hard to squeeze in my own adventures. Believe me, Inspiration is not a problem for us—by any means. The world is at our ‘twigtips’.

One of Sonel's lovely friends meets the orples.

One of Sonel’s lovely friends meets the orples.

The above conversation came about as the result of a delightfully surprising ping-back my friend, Sophia (in Africa), created on a thread I began, involving a fly. Mr. Fly looked so cool sitting on that beautiful flower in ‘Sonel’s blog‘.

Meet Mr. Fly. This is where this story started.

Meet Mr. Fly. This is where this story started.

and then, this happened ….. After Sophia invited us…

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Gateway to Hartbeespoort, South Africa …

DSCF3143Hartbeespoort Dam is well-known for its landmarks.  One of them is the Arch built on the spillway bridge.   It’s also a distinct copy of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.


The arch of the spillway bridge was cast on site. A large block of rock was left standing in the centre of the spillway channel to act as foundation for the shuttering for the arch which spans the spillway.


The span of the arch is about 45 m. It is approximately 4.5m wide and its thickness varies from approximately 1.0m at its centre to 2.3m at the ends of the arch.

The archway is approximately 12,5m high and the outside blocks were done in pre-cast concrete.  To brighten up the exterior work, an experiment was made of applying bold colour effects by means of tiles.  The niches and panels carry blue and buff tiles which colours tend to harmonize with the surroundings.

DSCF3148-1A Johannesburg architect, Mr Williamson, assisted in the design of the archway. Mr John Barrow, a person noted for fine concrete work in the construction of buildings, assisted with the construction thereof.
The following motto’s of the Irrigation Department are moulded in lettering along the top of each side:

On the Eastern side: (header image)

“Dedi in deserto aquas, flumina in invio” from the Vulgate (Isaiah 43:20)
(I give waters in the wilderness and rivers in the desert),

and on the Western side: (first image in post)

“Sine aqua arida ac misera agri cultura” from Varro “De re rustica”,
(Without water it is arid and miserable in agriculture)


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