New Kid in town …

A new Vervet baby arrived and Sweetie was here this morning to brag …


For the first time in a while I felt like sweating it out in front of my pc.  For those that do not know, it’s damn hot here in South Africa.   I can’t sit for too long in one spot before my ankles start swelling up and I can’t wait for Autumn.  It’s my favourite season for sure. :P





The little one still enjoys snuggling up to mom.  One of these days he/she will be running around as well, like Gizmo and the other 3. :D



Gizmo is getting quite cute and he is the liveliest of the little ones. :D


Mama, the alpha female of the troup.


Mama ‘hangin out’ in the Boerboon tree that’s in my neighbour’s yard.

I feel so sorry for them coming down from the mountain in this heat, to look for food.  We all know how hot the tarred roads are.  Just imagine how these hot roads are burning there little hands and feet.  I always wish I could just make a spot for them here in my yard and keep them here.

For those interested:  I used a plugin called Topaz Clean 3 to create the painterly effect on the photos.  Then I also used Photoshop actions to add extra colour or haze to the photos. :D

Have a great weekend everyone and have fun. ♥

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