Happy Face Icons (emoticons) and Links on how to use them

Isadora from Inside the Mind of Isadora was wondering how some of us get those “happy face icons”. When I googled for tips on all the smiley faces, I re-discovered Lorelle’s lovely blog again and she explains it perfectly.  Thanks Lorelle! :D

However, as I reblogged Lorelle’s lovely post the smilies did not show up.  No idea why, so I am just going to post the link to her blog as well as a few other I found :

Check out Lorelle’s WordPress Resources as well.  Very informative and well explained.

Have fun and enjoy the rest of the day! :D

 photo 090E2115.gif


AD from Another Day in Paradise enjoyed the “hugging smiley” I added at the end.  No secret AD and thanks for asking. :D  Here’s how I did it :

These are animations that I’ve uploaded to my library in Photobucket under Animations.

I chose the “Hugging Computer Smiley”


Then I  just clicked on the HTML link in “Links to share this photo”.  When you click on the HTML link, it will turn yellow and the word “Copied” will appear.


If you want to use it in a new post you’ve created, just click on the “Text” tab – next to the Visual editor :

text-and visual-editor-sn

What you will see here is the HTML version of your post :


I just scrolled down to where I wanted to insert the “Hugging Computer Smiley” and pasted (CTRL+V) the HTML that I’ve copied to the clipboard memory on my computer into the next line:

paste-html-snThen I clicked on the “Visual” tab once again and here is the “Hugging Computer Smiley” again. :)
 photo 090E2115.gif
 photo smiley-signs027.gif

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29 thoughts on “Happy Face Icons (emoticons) and Links on how to use them

    • You are very welcome Amy. Thanks for the lovely visit and comment, as well as the follow. You are too kind. Love your blog by the way. :)


  1. Glad you figured out smilies, also known as emoticons. The point of using them is actually to not use them, thus use them exceptionally sparingly. When teaching web writing and publishing, I tell my students that if their writing requires smilies, they aren’t writing right. :D LOL!

    WordPress automatically changes our text into similes such as a colon and parentheses that turns into a smile or frown automatically, both in post and in comments, as others have shown. The style of the smilies are set by the WordPress Theme, and a Theme may use different graphics, as well as spacing around the smilies. They are great fun, just treat them like spice in food. ;)



    • Hi there Lorelle and thanks for the lovely visit and explanation and I am sure everyone that did not know about these lovely smiling faces will now enjoy using them sparingly and yes, I agree, I won’t enjoy reading a post or comment that are filled with smiley faces, maybe because I am not really one for spice in food either. :lol: but now and then it is fun. Have a great day! *hugs*


    • Thanks for the lovely compliment Gilly and I am so curious about everything. :lol: I see something and I want to know how and why and then I search until I find the anwers I am looking for and I am blessed to have a clever hubby who knows everything and of course, there is Google and people way more clever than I am. hehehehe.
      Glad you popped in for a visit hon. Thanks and have a lovely Friday too! :) *big hugs*


    • Good for you Col and I am glad you find it useful my friend. Thanks for the lovely visit and comment and have fun! :D *hugs*


    • Oh, those are my Incredimail smilies and no secret either. Thanks for the mention. I think I am going to edit the post and add a short tutorial of how I did that and then you’ll see how easy that is as well. Thanks for the lovely visit and comment again hon. Much appreciated. :) *big hugs*


    • There you go AD. I just edited and inserted a short tutorial there. Let me know if there is anything you don’t understand. :) *big hugs*


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