Comment Moderation – Yes or No?

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Some people believe that “comment moderation” inhibits a conversation from taking place on a blog and that it creates and “alienating” feeling on a blog.

After reading a post done by Lorelle on WordPress, it got me thinking about how other bloggers feel about moderating comments and she had some great tips as usual and well, here is your chance to let us know how you feel about it too. :)

Today I would like to know how you feel about it and would love to hear your thoughts on this, so just for the fun of it I created a Poll.  Let’s see what everyone else thinks. :D

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to say why I do prefer “moderating”, as I’ve tried the option of not moderating and though it seems quite easy and it’s nice to log on to your blog the following morning or during the day, and see all the lovely comments and not having to worry about approving them, I found it difficult to keep track of all the comments.

Maybe I am too much of a control freak, I don’t know … but it sure is much easier for me to go to the “Comments” section in the Dashboard and click on “Pending” to see what comments were posted and all I have to do is to click on “Reply” at the related comment and know I did not miss out on any comments that were left on my posts, so it’s also not only to ensure that appropriate comments get through.

It’s been 2 days now that I’ve left the comment moderation off and I started feeling anxious and stressed out and yes, I do get emails of the comments posted, but it meant that I had to go to each and every different post and reply there and sometimes a blogger leaves a reply on a comment posted already and then it’s a matter of scrolling down and searching for that reply.

I went back to “comment moderation” as I really do prefer it and because I then know I won’t miss out on any of the lovely comments left for me, and I do apologize if it causes any inconvenience or problems for anyone else, but know I do appreciate and treasure each and every one of them and though it may sometimes take some time before I approve them and for it to show on my blog, the effort and time it took for you to make that comment is truly much appreciated.

Here is a Poll for those that would like to take part and it would be interesting to see how bloggers do feel about moderating comments. :D


Thanks for reading and wishing you all a great day! :D

*big hugs*



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66 thoughts on “Comment Moderation – Yes or No?

  1. I moderate for a couple of reasons, one so I delete comments that I find offensive, but more importantly, I don’t miss any, so I approve a comment when I am ready to respond, it works really well for me.

    • I totally agree with your there Leanne and couldn’t have said it better hon. Moderation seems to be the winner here. :D
      Thanks so much for the input and your lovely visit and comment hon. Much appreciated. :D *big hugs*

  2. I always moderate now, since getting zapped with some spam… I’m by my computer most of the day, so I can respond quickly enough, but still, I feel better moderating. We can delete bad messages so people don’t see them on the site, but that doesn’t stop what has already been sent out to people’s email via WP’s comment subscription or immediate rss feeds… so better safe than sorry for me :) Excellent post Sonel

    • Same here Scott. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of spam and it’s so irritating. Yesterday I got a spam so long I couldn’t even read it..just lots of links. What I do with spam like that is to enter them in my comment blacklist as well. I feel better moderating as well and yes, unfortunately you don’t miss out on the bad messages you receive, but that’s part of life too I guess. Not everyone thinks or feel the same. :D
      Thanks for the lovely visit and your input my friend. Much appreciated. :D *hugs*

  3. No hiding here…I’m a control freak and I also lock my doors where I live and my car doors. I think people should do what makes them feel comfortable and safe. Some of my friends don’t moderate nor lock their doors – it’s cool. They are happy & I’m happy. 😀 If people get offended that you moderate or lock up your doors, well maybe, it’s not the right time to strike up a relationship. Maybe another time, eh? Great post, Sonel! 🌞sunHUGS!

    • Well, then it makes two of us and I don’t care what anyone else thinks Sunshine. I do what makes me feel comfortable and safe and if that means locking my doors at home and keeping unwanted or spam comments from my blog, then that is what I will do. It’s also much easier for me to keep track of the pending comments. I totally agree with you there, if people want to get offended by the way you live your life, then it’s their problem…not yours and a relationship like that won’t be for me as well. :D
      Thanks again for the lovely input and visit hon. Much appreciated. :D *big hugs*

      • You’re welcome, Sonel. I like to think that some relationships are meant for a different time in our lives…or maybe not at all. Those with good intentions usually understand our actions.😊

        • Absolutely hon. There’s a time and place for everything and everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we don’t like it, but that’s life. And I totally agree…those with good intentions do understand. Sometimes words are not even necessary. :D
          You are such a kind and sensitive soul. Thanks for understanding and for the support sweetness. Much appreciated. :D *big hugs*

  4. I need moderation too! To weed out the odd spam that creeps in despite Akismet’s best efforts and to manage comments. I never delete a non spam comment. Seems like you have more ayes than nays here Sonel :-)

    • Seems like it Madhu! :) It was quite interesting to see what the other bloggers think about moderation and what their reasons were indeed. I truly enjoyed all the responses and input. Moderation is the best for keeping those odd spam in check for sure and for managing comments. :)
      Thank you as well for your input hon and for the lovely visit. Much appreciated. :D *big hugs*

  5. There’s a crazy amount of spam that sometimes makes its way to my blog, so thats a really good reason to moderate comments. I had one the other day that was well over a 1000 words, most of which was ramblings. I didn’t publish it, but emailed to explain why. I like to encourage feedback and appreciate getting it, so I reply to each & every comment, I use the first time only moderation tho x

    • Indeed Amanda and if it’s not the rambling kind, you get those who wants a free advertisement spot on your blog. :)
      Thanks for the lovely input and visit hon. Much appreciated. :D *hugs*

  6. I moderate everything, Sonel, because people are not always friendly and liking what you write and they feel the need to make that very clear to you in a derogatory and painfull way. So we’ll voted for moderation. Pawkisses :)

    • I totally agree to that Little Binky. Some people are just way past nasty but when you get messages like that just forgive them with the thought that they are batnut crazy. :lol: Moderation is the best way to prevent people like that putting their negative vibes on your lovely blog. :D
      Thanks for the lovely visit and input. Much appreciated. :D *big hugs*

  7. I prefer moderation. Blogging is not an instant conversation medium so I don’t use it to generate an immediate forwards and back chat. Also because I’m ahead of many people time zone wise most of my comments from followers come when I’m asleep so they won’t get an instant reply anyway! Have had about 5 spam comments each week which I just delete and having been on holiday with only an iPhone for a week am finding using wp via iPhone very easy. So my vote is with you Sonel:)

    • Thanks so much for your lovely input Charlie and Ruby and yes, it’s the same here with me regarding the time zones. And it’s like Photography Journal Blog said : You don’t want to get there the following morning or during the day and see people started attacking each other on your blog and on your post, so yes, I am feeling better and better about keeping the moderation on and all thanks to all the wonderful support and understanding.

      It’s the same here too regarding spam and luckily Akismet picks that up quickly and being on holiday should not have you stressed out and worrying about comments either, so yes, there the comment moderation also helps a lot. :D

      Thanks for the vote and for the lovely visit. :D *big hugs* to you and Ruby. xxx

  8. I do moderate all my comments. I guess I just want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable on my blog. I worry that if it is off, someone might be able to say something nasty to someone else and I wouldn’t get a chance to block it. Not that that scenario has ever happened to me, but I have seen it, and it is unfortunate. I guess the other thing is that I like to have control over the content of my blog, and I like to know who is saying what. In my just over a year of blogging, I have only not approved 4 comments, so obviously I am lucky to draw a pretty friendly crowd. I do also feel that it is up to each individual blog owner to be comfortable with how they handle their content, so if no moderation happens to work for some folks I say great :) just don’t ask me to switch :)

    • Another great reason for moderating PJB. Yes, it would be quite unsettling to open your blog the next morning and see that your post have started people fighting with each other, especially if your intention was not that at all and you do get that unfortunately. Just like you I’ve been blessed in that sense as well and I have seen it as well and it’s not a nice scene. The same here hon, I also feel it’s my blog and that I have the right to have control of it and I’ve been lucky as well to have drawn a great crowd.

      Just like you I also feel that it’s up to each and every one of us to do what makes us feel comfortable and handling the blog in moderation makes me feel comfy, so yes…why not? Everyone do what they want to do and if others can’t accept it that way, well then they must just move on. :D

      Thanks so much for the lovely input and visit hon. Much appreciated. :D *big hugs*

  9. I generally only zap those which have missed the SPAM enclosure but are trying to push a product nevertheless. Insults I post and return. I haven’t yet had to bar anyone whose first comment I have approved and who no longer go into ‘pending’.

    • Why they have to go through all that trouble I don’t understand Col. Gosh! It’s like these telesales people who think they can bother you day and night. I don’t care for insults and ignore people like that unless I am having a bad day and need someone to take it out on. LOL!
      You are such a kind soul in any way, so I don’t see you having anyone insulting you or leaving negative comments. :D
      Thanks for the lovely visit and input my friend. Much appreciated. My bed is calling now. Night night. :D *hugs*

  10. Unfortunately, we actually HAVE to have comment moderation on all the time. Because our blog features pictures of feet you might be able to imagine what kinds of comments we could get, and they do cover quite a range of, let’s say, off the concept, remarks. We even have to moderate all comments because there have been some people who have fooled us by posting something nice once or twice before letting go with a barrage of their ideas about all kinds of stuff that creates such negativity or misplaced energy it’s unreal. We actually don’t get that many bad comments, perhaps because the would be perpetrators assume moderation is on, but we have had moderation on since the beginning. Still, we recently had to tighten it up.
    And we do agree that it does actually make keeping track of comments and being able to reply back much, much easier. :)

    • Thanks so much for the lovely comment and input toemailer and I am sure you had your share of negativity and misplaced energies for sure! I just can’t believe that some people could be so nasty as to do things like that. It sure is unreal!
      I am glad that you also feel the moderating comments does make it easier to keep track of comments and replying to them and appreciate your visit for sure. :D
      *big hugs*

  11. I prefer comment moderation. Each comment puts a smile on my face and I like to reply to each one and make sure that none gets missed out. The exception being comments that are offensive in some way or other. Moderation means such comments never make it to my blog, not even for a short amount of time.

    • Thanks for the lovely input and comment G and I can totally agree on the smiles that all the lovely comments give. I also want to make sure I answer each and every one of them. Oh, I know about those kind of comments as well and I agree.
      Appreciate the lovely visit as usual. :D *big hugs*

  12. I admire you for being able to reply to all of the comments, Sonel. :-)

    I am one of those who voted for No moderation. I am thinking that it would be more welcoming to those who took time to write something about my post. I don’t get to reply to all of the comments – if a comment shows a blog link, I make it a point to visit to their pages and show my appreciation of the writer’s kindness. I make sure though that I reply back to those without a blog. I guess, I am not following the ideal route. I wish I can do better – it’s always like a dilemma for me. :-)

    • Thanks for the lovely input Imelda and for telling how you feel, but I would feel awful if I won’t be able to or maybe one day see that I haven’t replied on a comment on my blog hon. It’s just the kind of person I am. I feel they went through the trouble of visiting my blog and to comment, so the least I can do is to reply or thank them for doing that. The way you are doing it is also a very great gesture and if that works for you hon, who is to say it’s not the correct way? I am blessed in the sense that I am at home and when I’m finished with all the house/garden work I can relax and this is what relaxes me…being in front of my computer and doing what I love most, but not everyone can do that as most of them have a full day and have to work, so I fully understand that most can not do that.

      You do what feels comfortable for you Imelda because that is what I am doing. Getting all the comments without moderation gives me a “cluttered” feeling and then the “running” around to answer them on different posts sometimes and wondering and worrying if I perhaps missed one. LOL! Maybe I am too organised but I like things to work a certain way..that’s just me and not everyone have to be that way. We are all individuals and each of us have our own unique way of doing things, so don’t let it worry you. I truly appreciate the time you take to comment on my blog and for answering on my comments for sure. :D *big hugs*

  13. Hi, I don’t use moderation, perhaps because I don’t know how to access that option. So it just stays open by default…I very rarely delete a comment. But I guess I would delete if someone was advertising their own blog or trying to sell something…
    I think the point you make about having tabs on the comments is a good one; I’m sure I’ve missed out on several comments…Perhaps moderation is something I should consider.

    • Thanks for the lovely input and visit Anna. Much appreciated hon and changing the settings is real easy and if do want to consider it, it’s really easy. You can just go to the Dashboard, click on Settings and then on Discussion and it will take you to Discussion Settings. Go down to : “Before a comment appears” and tick on “An administrator must always approve the comment” and when you’re finished, just scroll down to the bottom and “Save Changes”. :D

      • Thank you, Sonel, for this. I shall have a little look. I’m just about to make a link to your site on my post; feeling such a tech – nerd, already! Would you approve? Just so that people can find you straight away without going to the comments. :-0

        • You are very welcome hon and no problem at all and I am honored indeed. Are you talking about the “Foggy” post? hehehe. Loved it and that foggy view is just gorgeous too! Thanks so much for thinking of me and for the link hon. You are so sweet. :D *big hugs*

  14. I prefer the comment moderation too Sonel. In addition to making sure I don’t miss one it also prevents spam comments from coming through – and some of the ones that do come through are weird. I can also correct any typing errors that have been made (the teacher in me!).

    • Your thoughts are much appreciated as well Colline and so far it’s to 71.43% on the yes vote, so I guess most do prefer the moderated option. I agree it does help for some of the spam comments that do come through, especially when some of them like to “advertise” their blogs and I had a few of those and just deleted them. They had nothing to say regarding my post or even a “thank you” or “please to meet you” or even “nice pics” …just a link to their blog and telling me to visit them. That was enough to start my taurus blood boiling already. So yes, comments like that goes to the trash bin immediately.

      Oh yes, those typing errors..hehehe. I love doing that as well. I must have been a spelling teacher in a previous life. LOL!
      Thanks again for the lovely visit and comment hon. *big hugs*

  15. When I first started my blog this year, I suppose it defaulted to moderating first-time users. I’ve never changed it and am very comfortable with that. So far, I have made some wonderful “friends” through my blog and their comments and support!

    • I am so glad you visited again Linda as I went to your blog but alas, only a “Hello World” there and nothing else. Then I clicked on your gravatar, which I rarely do and I see you do have another blog there as well. Was this an old blog? Anyways, thanks for your thoughts on this matter hon. It’s much appreciated and I am glad I found your blog. :D *hugs*

  16. I do most of my comment replies using the New post flag in the top right and corner… if there are more than the allowed for the window I click on the view archived and word press very conveniently opens up a window with all the comments and replies I get from comments I’ve made on other blogs… I have to moderate; as I get some comments that sneak past the spam check that are totally unrelated to what my post is about…

    • Thanks for your thoughts on this bulldog and for the lovely visit as usual. :D

      Yes, I use that one as well to see what comments other left for me on their blogs bulldog but sometimes when I do comment from there my comment would just suddenly disappear, especially when our lines are so slow. And I totally get the moderation because of those “advertising” that do get through…

  17. I do not enjoy Moderation on WP. Personally, I feel it stilts conversation a bit and dampens the feel of immediacy.
    When I first started annoying people – blogging.. ;) I couldn’t understand why so many comments were in my Pending, and I missed many comments because I am not so IT. and I’m sure some folk thought I was being a real nitwit for not even bothering to reply.
    After I figured it out I switched the facility off.
    I reckon if someone is going to write something terrible then they will look the fool and it will be there for all to see.
    Besides, if someone uses truly horrendous Bad Language, such as Manchester United, there is always the delete button.
    So…no moderation for Moi. Full Bore or zip….

    • Thanks for your interesting input TFK .. or should I say Arkenaten .. because TFK sure writes the best stories ever and there’s never anything annoying about that. The coffee maker sure seems to annoy the crispyuns and it’s always fun to read his posts as well, though most of the time I can’t compete with the highly intelligent conversations and to prevent me from making a fool of myself, I then just click the “like” button. :lol:

      I must say I do prefer and love the “pending” section as I can keep track of all the comments coming in and they are not mixed with the “approved” comments. And of course you are not blonde, so you won’t get confused as I do. I must confess that I do like things to be in a certain way and I guess each of us work with what we are comfortable with. At least my way never stopped you from commenting and for that I am very grateful and thank you for accepting it like that, even if you don’t like it. Much appreciated for sure. :D

      Oh, I do agree with the terrible sayings and I will sure have fun in approving a comment like that but luckily I haven’t had such silly comments as yet and I guess it’s because they know I will publish it so they can be made fools of. LOL!

      However, I must also say that where comment moderation helps a lot too is when you make a typing error … which I do on a regular basis. If it’s still in moderation, you can go back and ask the blogger to just “fix it” and delete the previous comment or whatever the problem was.

      But thanks again for commenting and for letting us know your view on the matter TFK. I think I’ll call you TFK here as you can’t comment as Ark but it keeps me from getting confused as well. TFK is the great writer. Ark is the young man who likes to annoy crispyuns and who posts pretty pictures of his daughters cakes and their beautiful doggie kids. :D

      • Phew…that was a long comment just to tell me
        “The Moderator is staying ON, wise guy, so there!”
        Okay, okay…I get it. Honest.

        The book has been sent.

        • Good! So you did get the drift then! hahahaha
          Thanks for making it clear wise guy..and glad you’re getting it.. LOL!
          Thanks my friend. Much appreciated! :D *hugs*

  18. I only moderate the first time a person posts. I keep track of comments via my WordPress dashboard and email. My feeling is it’s your blog and your rules so you should do things in a way that is most comfortable for you. If someone really likes your blog then they will respect the way you do things. I visit quite a few blogs that moderate my comments – it doesn’t bother me at all. I like what you wrote above your comment box – it lets me know what’s going on. :-)

    • Thanks for your thoughts Jackie and great to know how you are doing your moderation. I also use the dashboard but when it’s not under “pending”, I can’t keep track of it as my own comments are under the “approved” section as well, so then I have to look for the comments again. Maybe I am doing it wrong then but so far, keeping it moderated and going to “pending” works better for me and it does feels more comfortable. I have a tendency to become anxious and stressed out when things doesn’t feel “right” … if you know what I mean and well, I am the kind who likes to have my things “organized” and in their place.

      I agree with you there. If I like someone’s blog and I like visiting there, I won’t mind if I do have to do things their way. Every one of us have our own ways of doing things and we should respect each other for that. Thank you for respecting the way I do mine and for the lovely comment and visit hon. Much appreciated. :D

      I am glad you like the comment prompt and that you find it better that way. :D
      *big hugs*

  19. Moderation does not prevent me from commenting… its having to enter details besides the comment like email address and verification code or to create an account just so I can comment that prevents me from commenting :P I’m lazy. :P

    • Now that I can truly understand Mrs. P .. especially the Captcha ones. I just hate Captcha’s! I can never get the right codes. :)
      Thanks for the lovely visit and for giving your thought on it hon. You don’t have to enter any details on my blog before commenting, do you? Just making sure. :D *hugs*

  20. Ohhh I need moderation…its not Facebook (which I dont have any more) my blog is not social networking its my safe personal place….there are weird nutters out there and I dont want them dancing over Sugar ! I do however allow a few like you perminent access. BUT yes moderation is a must. Xx

    • Thanks for your thoughts on it Sugar sweetness and I totally agree with you on that one. No one should dare dance over Sugar plum. I will “keel” them and thank you for the access and trust hon. As always your lovely visit and comments are much appreciated. :D *big hugs*

  21. I was about to say .. look 100% of people think that they should not be moderated but then I realised it was my vote that generated the 100% outcome :lol:. Thank you for giving me a chance to vote :D

    • I guess you were the first to vote then. Well, thanks for voting hon and for giving your thought on it. Much appreciated. :D *big hugs*

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