To Spam or Not To Spam


Clearly something wrong with Akismet.  I’ve checked all my settings this side and went back to WordPress and looked at my Akismet Stats :


These were comments from bloggers that I know that are NOT spammers and the strangest of all is that I’ve never once marked anything as spam that showed up in my spam box.  When I clicked on the “1 comment” that was supposedly in my spam box, there was nothing.


7 false positives and 12 total spam but no way to see what the other 5 was as I did not even receive those comments.  I use MailwasherPRO for my emails and every comment or post that comes through can be viewed and deleted if I choose to do it.  The same with my Gmail account. 

So, how can Akismet just delete 5 items as Spam and not notify me or allow me to see what it was?  Now I have the problem that comments from one of my blogger friends are being put in spam permanently and Akismet is deleting comments that I haven’t seen and it may not be spam after all!  Not fair Akismet!  Not fair at all!!!!

Here is another interesting post : Why I Will Never Comment On Your Blog (A.K.A. Die, Akismet, Die)


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23 thoughts on “To Spam or Not To Spam

  1. Thanks for the pingback!! I am going to have to look more closely at Akismet… I know that it occasionally flags a legitimate comment as spam and holds it in the spam box, but didn’t realize it sometimes just deletes things without review! Uh oh…

    • You are very welcome Cheryl and yes, I had to find that out too, unfortunately but as I said in previous comments, it seems it knows that it’s doing as Spam seems to be a huge problem on blogs so I am sure it won’t be anything serious. :) Thanks for the lovely visit and comment. :)

  2. im actually having a similar problem,sonel. some of my legit comments goes to spam.before it was easy to take them out of the spam folder. but lately, my spam reaches 40-60k spams i just click ‘empty spam’ as i dont have much time to sort them out.i just feel sorry for the legit comments who gets deleted eventually.

    • That is not good to hear Iñigo but I do understand how difficult it must be when there is so much spam. Luckily I don’t have that problem, just that some of my blogger friends that end up in the spam box but it seems to be sorted out now..I hope. :) Thanks for the lovely visit and comment once again. *hugs*

  3. Seems WordPress has been making some changes we are not aware of, they just HAPPEN?
    I am going to check out my SPAM. Thanks for the post and addressing this issue.

    • As I’ve been away for quite a while I have no idea what they did Ruth but it seems so. Thanks for the lovely visit hon and you’re welcome. :) *hugs*

    • Same here hon and I have no idea what it does delete as you can’t see what has been deleted but it according to some articles I read about it, it seems that it knows. I just don’t like the idea of it deleting stuff before I’ve seen it, but oh well, what can we do?

    • Oh, it does do that Col but it seems to the staff that Akismet knows what it’s doing. “Some comments which are known spam with 100% certainty are not viewable. We use Akismet for spam filtering and they keep very close tabs on accuracy for the spam that is removed automatically.” Found that reply here to someone else that posted the question : Guess I will never know what those 5 other comments were then as I did not have the chance to reject or accept. Check your Akismet stats and the Total Spam against the False positives. It might be more then.

      • That is fair enough, I think. Where comments are really known to be spam for certain, why keep them at all? They are simply a nuisance and a waste of time.

        • If it is spam for certain then I won’t disagree Col. I just don’t like the fact that it auto-deletes it before I can view it.

    • Not glad to hear that but good to know you are not the only one. Ark told me that it seems to be only on my blog. You think Akismet appointed itself as our ‘bodyguards’? Poor Ark! LOL!

      • Arky was hidden in spam for a while till he told me to go look! now he goes to visit spam at least once a week ! lolol yes bodyguards..wonder if they are younger men! hahah

        • Must be because he can be so naughty sometimes. hehehehe. I just removed the setting on the Comment Moderation that say “Don’t discard spam on old posts” and will see if that works. Arky is not a spammer. :)
          Oh I certainly hope so! They better be younger! And they better be hunks too! LOL!

  4. Oh actually I just found my Akismet in hte blog admin…. I never knew that. there are 2000 in it, but never mind I don’t see them all anyway, or is htere anything I need to do?

  5. I don’t quite get thsi spam thing…I don’t seem to have spam as all of you always say. When I get a comment from an unknown source (not from you lovely people) it comes to me to approve in my comment page. , so I can decide if I want to approve or not. On that comment page is a spam coloumn, but I have never had much in there either. Probably that Akismet is attracting it.???

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